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  1. Critical Music

    DnB Critical Sound BBQ - Summer Sonics - Critical Sound x Marky & Friends x 15 Years of Vandal Recs.

    Tickets available: Eventbrite // Resident Advisor // Skiddle Last summer we brought the Critical Sound to London’s Studio 338 for our biggest ever London show, and it was such an incredible event we decided to do it again. This time around the line up is even more heavyweight and we’ve pulled...
  2. DeeGun

    Multi Genre Rinse FM - Critical Music with Halogenix - 7th February 2018
  3. Critical Music

    DnB Critical Sound London - Corsica Studios - 19th Jan

    For our first London party of 2018, we head to the more intimate setting of Corsica Studios. Featuring an extended set by label head Kasra (3hrs) and the first London solo appearance for The Upbeats alongside our family members, Halogenix, Sam Binga, Chimpo, Klax, Shyun, the Critical Sound...
  4. L


    Bowlcut Garms are throwing a free party this Friday at POP BRIXTON in CONTAINER RECORDS. Exclusive Garms on sale, DJ sets from Sam Binga & Hyroglifics (Critical Music) Date: 24:11:17 Time: 5pm -8pm (Nice warmup for Critical Music Takeover at Fabric) FREE ENTRY Address: CONTAINER RECORDS, POP...
  5. Critical Music


    We're back in London at venue Mangle Tickets are selling fast!- DICE.FM (no booking fee) // Resident Advisor ALL CRITICAL LINE UP!
  6. Blackwolf

    Sick new tune from Critical Sound mix - please help with ID!

    The following extract was taken from the Critical Sound No.32 (mixed by Kasra) on Rinse FM radio show:- I would appreciate it if somebody could provide me with a title and artist for the above track/extract! If you'd like to hear the radio show in full then it's available on the following...
  7. B

    2013-2014 critical sound tune id, been desperate for a couple of years

    Can someone please help me with IDing a track I've been searching for for a couple of years now; I heard it a few times at Critical Sound raves, dropped by one of Kasra, Ivy Lab, Foreign Concept and Enei (I think). Literally never even found the tune on the web after searching through various...
  8. InReach

    Dispositions with Emperor

    Since their initial launch back in 2002, Kasra`s Critical Music has gone from strength to strength, climbing the ladder and now being recognised as the go-to for forward-thinking, technical drum and bass. Along the way the label has amassed an ever-impressive roster that provide us with the...
  9. InReach

    Catching up with 'Current Value' (In-Reach Mag)

    There`s a darker side to this scene we love. A twisted, malicious, fearsome side that tests the nerves of its listeners and only those of a strong disposition or freakish nature will cope, sounds interesting doesn't it? Well on this occasion it definitely is! One of the purveyors of these 'Dark...
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