1. Borzion

    Hot Cues

    I've currently got a ddj rx controller but am looking to upgrade to cdj's, probably the 850 or 850k because of price and need. My big problem is that a lot of my mixing hangs on hot cues, can these cdj's use hot cues (if so how) and if they don't is using hot cues something I should move away from?
  2. G

    DJ set using 2 x akai mpd, 2 x laptops, 1 mixer

    So I saw these 2 dudes DJig b2b Each one had their own akai mpd226//they're own laptops// and shared one djm mixer How exactly does this kind of DJing work? What's the djm mixer for If they're using Ableton and a launch pad? I've just used decks Sorry for the novice question, thank you...
  3. K

    USB/MIDI out in MK-449C

    Hello, mega noob question here... apparently too basic to be addressed explicitly in the manual or in online reviews. I just received an MK449C. Short question: can I get power in AND music out through USB, ie with just one cable? Or do I need USB for power, plus MIDI for music out? Regards
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