collaboration project

  1. M

    DnB Looking for Singers and Mc's

    Hello, My names Mick (Mixab) a 19 year old producer who is looking for MC's and Singer's to collaborate with for new songs. I'm making a minimal dnb track with a hard hitting straight bass riff and is looking for a male mc with a bit of a dark vibe the other track is a deep liquid song and i'm...
  2. J

    looking for a partner in crime

    Hello producers im looking for someone who loves drum and bass to help finish my tracks , I use flstudio 12 im looking for a ragga loving sub bass ba dass to link up and get involve with my tracks!! im not the best take a listen and let me know if your in the same boat as me
  3. Delinquent-uk

    DnB Propellerhead reason 5 collaboration / finish off jobby (Jungle,drumfunk, dark dnb)

    So here's the deal i got loads of almost finish tunes I've just given up with and need some inspiration to finish. I personally find doing a colab easier as each others input keeps you in the swing of things. Anyone want me to send them some reason files to see if the can finish and we can...
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