1. M

    DnB Looking for Singers and Mc's

    Hello, My names Mick (Mixab) a 19 year old producer who is looking for MC's and Singer's to collaborate with for new songs. I'm making a minimal dnb track with a hard hitting straight bass riff and is looking for a male mc with a bit of a dark vibe the other track is a deep liquid song and i'm...
  2. A

    DnB Ivy Lab & Noisia id

    Heard at ivy lab & noisia b2b in hull any suggestions are welcomed

    Collab Partner.

    Hey guys, I've been producing Drum & Bass for a couple of years now and I am looking for somebody that I can bounce ideas with, learn new techniques with and share resources etc... I am more focused on the musical side of Drum & Bass, examples would be : GLXY, Pola & Bryson, Etherwood, LSB...
  4. TwistedSenses16

    DnB New member - Unsigned Producer

    Hey DnB members, I'm new to the forum and I'm here to reach out to new listeners and find new artists and producers who'd like to collab. I have this new track I'd like to share and get some feedback on, its called 'The End', its a drum & bass track with a twist at the drop, and I think it'd be...
  5. T

    looking for collaboration

    Hey! I've been working on neurofunk tunes for years (none of them are really finished), and I'm looking for someone, or possibly multiple people to talk to on a daily basis about making neurofunk, to get some more momentum going, and getting (and obviously giving) advice/help. A few tunes made...
  6. Daxzthemax

    DnB Looking for someone for collab/remix

    Hey guys. I made this tack some time ago and I think it sounds pretty good overall but it has more potential, so I figured why not remix it. Then I thought it might be interesting to have someone else remix it too. Here's the song in question, If you have any questions just let me know and I'll...
  7. Inkognit

    Liquid Funk Collab

    Hi there, I'm looking for a boost of motivation to get me producing and I find that a collab is always a good way of having fresh ideas. Currently I'm going for that soul, chilled, LSB / Tokyo Prose type of sound. Nowadays I use Logic Pro X the most, but Live is also fine. I suggest Splice as...
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