1. S

    100% Calibre Mix


    Multi Genre - Sectors 1-7 - deep mixes - burial/dbridge/synkro/phaeleh/calibre + more

    A mix series that I put together on a more deep tip. Multiple bpm's. Just uploaded them all in one place. Sector 7 = Tracklist: Massi - Phael It Matt Deco - Sour Flavors Biome - Alternate Digital Mystikz - Anti War Dub (ft.Spen G) Burial - Archangel Sorrow - Cypher Phaeleh - Alignment...
  3. DeeGun

    Danny Byrd, Calibre & DRS @ Clark´s, Houston 23.2.2006

    Danny Byrd - Calibre & DRS -
  4. SirReal

    SirReal - The Perfect Solution Mix - CALIBRE.LENZMAN.LSB.SPECTRASOUL.DRS

    First mix from me in 6 months. Hopefully the first of many for this year. Let me know what you think: LSB – Lydian feat. Millie Watson Lenzman & Submorphics – Bayview Villem & McLeod – The Sea feat. Heidi Vogel LSB – Losing You Lenzman – Walk On By Artificial Intelligence – Close To U...
  5. dexyjones

    DnB Need a few track id's from a Calibre Bassman Trigga set

    If anyone could id any of the tracks at 6:05, 12:15, 15:50, 19:47, 23:45 it'd be much appreciated
  6. Dubdamain

    Soul n Bass (Track list inside)

    This 50 minute mix features some of the souliest soul around. Drum n Bass from the likes of Calibre, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez, FD and Lenzman. Feedback is appreciated soul brothers and sisters.
  7. SirReal


    Spectrasoul – Glimpse (Ivy Lab remix) Malaky – Now or Never Alibi – Fire feat Charli Brix Ben Soundscape & Random Movement – Dreaming Mcleod – Stolen Kisses Alix Perez – Revolve Her Nymfo – Melting Pot feat Robert Manos Cosmology – Suve La Musica Lox Contreras – Tunnel Vision feat David Albury...
  8. djrogy

    DnB RogY - Liquid, Intelligent mix (with download link) or Hi guys! This is my hourly mix with most of liquid tunes. Played from cdjs and also a few tracks from turntable. I appreciate any feedback in advance. Hope you will...
  9. SirReal

    SirReal - MOR DnB Mix 2016

    The guys over at MOR DnB kindly asked me to lay down a fresh mix for I did. Enjoy! The Vanguard Project – All That I Need (feat Pat Fulgoni) [Spearhaed] Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – The Last Night [Critical] Zero T – Too Close to See (feat Steo) [Integral] Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – Arkestra...
  10. Dubdamain

    For Home (Lounge) Use Only

    Fruit and Water Mark System Self Portrait Need for Mirrors Mistical Dub Mist:i:cal Dreamz Dub Calibre Glow Kimyan Law Rise n Fall Dbridge Rmx Machinedrum False Positive Module Eight Lie to me Seba, Paradox, Manos Straight Lines Naibu Meltdown Module Eight Return to Swerve Scar
  11. S

    SoS Mixcast - Oct 2015

    Tracklisting ??? - ??? (sorry - was a white label from 2003) Electrosoul System – Fake Snake feat. Roy Green and Protone DJ Marky DJ Patife Esom – So Tinha Que Ser Com Voce feat. Fernanda Porto (Cosmonautics mix) Roygreen, Protone & Mystic Trip – Lush feat. Lynu Rowpieces – Formative Years...
  12. J

    Liquid mix 2011 (Calibre, Seba, Break, DJ Marky)

    Yo, My days of putting together drum and bass mixes are over unfortunately. I thought i'd dig out my favourite mix that I made and re-upload it. When I posted it on here a few years back people seemed to enjoy it so I hope you enjoy it again! Forgive me for the lack of a tracklist, it would...
  13. ApurvA

    The Last Planet (Oldskool DnB Mix + Visuals)

    Watch Till The Planet Explodes ! So finally i managed to get this mix live on youtube.. though due to the copyright thing ( INGROOVES :mad:) the video is still under dispute .. but m sure ill get it through .. any ways .. enjoy this oldskool mix ive played for BassCamp Festival back in 2010...
  14. A

    DnB TEED - Garden (Calibre Remix) VIP?

    yo I'm sure twice out now (jungle jam + sun and bass) i've heard a different version of Calibre's fantastic remix of Garden. first time i thought it just hearing it out on a system that made it sound different but second time hearing it I was sure that it was not exactly the same tune, but it...
  15. K


    Friske - Your Loving Hyroglifics - Astraya Calibre - Bellamee Reza & Arpxp - No Control Lenzman - Burner Jubei - Rufige 11 Calibre - Bogeyman Riya - Fear Bites Seba - Pressure Point Ed:it - Collecting Dust Halogenix - Shores Stray - Queen LSB - Walking Blues Break - Give it Up Friske - Down
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