1. H

    Metalheadz comes to Brighton this bank holiday easter Sunday!

    Going to be a big one! DJs: Doc Scott (Metalheadz) Jubei (Metalheadz) Ant TC1 (Metalheadz | Dispatch Recordings) Tephra & Arkoze (Dispatch) Hadley (Skankandbass | Studio 808) Shuffle (Intense Records | Studio 808) Brown-E (Studio 808) Vex (Studio 808) Erritate (Monk Audio | Studio 808) MCs...

    DnB Lifestyle Music vs Addictive Behaviour Volks, Brighton - Fre4Knc, Hyroglifics, Philth, Data 3, Objectiv..

    Lifestyle are joining forces with Addictive Behaviour to takeover the Volks in Brighton this summer... Stepping things up, these label counterparts are going head to head for a special one off versus night. The full line up has been revealed, including what will be an incredible Brighton debut...
  3. DeeGun

    Arcane b2b Cropz with MC Deefa @ General Levy´s Jungle Club, Concorde 2 Brighton 23.2.2018
  4. DeeGun

    DJ Jedi @ Calling The Hardcore, Volks (Brighton) 14th July 2017

    1) Dr Jackal & DJ Hyde - Burning Up 2) Dougal & Evolution - Heaven Waits 3) Hedgehog Affair - Oh My God, I’m a DJ 4) Sy-Kick - Emotion 5) Globe & The Hardcore Massive - Gone 6) Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous (Steve Johnson Remix) 7) DJ Jedi - Jedi On E’s (Side B) 8) Low Noise Block -...