brian brainstorm

  1. subwoofah

    DnB FRIDAY: Sub-Woofah w/ Brian Brainstorm & Verdikt - Manchester 12-02-16

    BRIAN BRAINSTORM - UK Exclusive!! (Liondub / Mix & Blen / Digital Roots) From Cologne, Germany this guy is currently releasing banger after banger! Producing both Jungle and Jump Up, Brian has releases on numerous labels including Liondub International...
  2. subwoofah

    DnB Sub-Woofah presents Brian Brainstorm and Verdikt - Manchester Exclusive

    To celebrate the launch of our workshops we welcome BRIAN BRAINSTORM in from Germany for a UK EXCLUSIVE, plus a Manchester debut from VERDIKT and some of our motely gang! All proceeds made at this event will go towards funding Sub-Woofah Workshops (a new youth a community project providing...
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