1. Brex

    DnB Google Play Music

    *MODS* Is this the right place? Feel free to move if not. Any GPM users here? Just thought I'd share my growing playlist. I don't like to sit there and build a playlist so I just add things as I come across them. It's currently a selection of new, old, bangers, lowkey, classic dnb staples and...
  2. Brex

    DnB Brex - Slow Burner

    Few of the chaps who helped me out with this, muchos appreciationos. I ended up stripping it right back and effectively starting again. @SteveR94 , this is what became of it. I ditched the piano altogether as I just couldn't get it to sit right with the chords I wanted to use. .
  3. Brex

    DnB Halsey - Hold Me Down (Brex Remix)

    Been a while! Heard this so much now that I have no idea what sounds alright and what doesn't. Help please! Original track:
  4. Brex

    Golden Roller

    Took some feedback from the WIP thread and finally finished it.Trying to go for a bit of a callback to the oldschool Bristol rollers. Saturation galore and drums pumped to the max. The drums are loud but it's intentional. Are they too loud though?
  5. Brex

    Off the cuff Vol. 2

    Home from work as I've pulled a fucking muscle in my chest. Not often I get chance to mix, let alone record one. Little bit rough around the edges, first drop didn't sound how I thought it would, my mixer is on its last legs, I think my tonearms are on their way out, I've got no arms and I'm...
  6. Brex

    I started some Hause!

    Hause hause haaauuuusssssssssss. Considering all the flak I get I thought it was about time I actually tried making some. Hour or so into it, pretty much just the drum work, pad and a little melody thing. It's surprisingly fun to make. Any tips or feedback for what I've got so far? Actually a...
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