1. Neural Tech

    Breakbeat Is anyone making Music Videos?

    I'm curious if anyone is making music videos and posting them here. If not here: does anyone know of a music related forum where Artists are showcasing their custom music videos, the same as we do here with our music uploads? The following are a couple Breakbeat videos I recently uploaded...
  2. Neural Tech

    Breakbeat Neural Tech - Bonzai Digital Mixing

    A Mixset comprised of Nuskool Progressive Breakbeat. Download the 320 and enjoy! Bonzai Digital Mixing 1. Bedrock - Forge (Fretwell Mix) 2. Starfire & Stefan Anion - Infearior (loBudg Crutch Mix) 3. Ek - True Definition 4. Hellpass - Reviver (2003 Breaks Mix) 5. Dan F & Stich - Song 2 6...
  3. Neural Tech

    DnB Protoplasym - Into Oblivion testy 6 Dist

    An old WIP, I make noises too. I plan on reviewing everyone's posted works in the coming weeks... prepare to see my name everywhere. :teeth: *Edit - adding the other two WIPs in the original post in case anyone missed 'em..*
  4. Neural Tech

    Dubstep Neural Tech - Brain Surgery !!!Free Download!!!

    "Released as part of an E.P. on Virus B-23 Recordings along with three other tunes. Thanks again, Henry! I wish the label was still going strong. It explores the cerebral side of Nuskool Breaks, but at a slower pace (Snare Drum on the 3). The Bassline after the Breakdown was freestyled. Give...
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