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  1. sho

    Sho (Absys Records) - Phuture Beats Show - Bassdrive

    Here's Sho from Absys Records with his latest mix for KOS.MOS.MUSIC's Phuture Beats Show at Expect a lot of fresh beats from our own imprint, but also from Blu Mar Ten Music, Horizons Music, Addiction Records Digital and Celsius Recordings, with much of the featured stuff to be...
  2. robertgraff

    Sessions Podcast episode 047 (Bop, Blu Mar Ten, ASC, Boards Of Canada, Dold, etc)

    Hi, I've been putting together a podcast for nine years now, and there's always usually a bit of drum & bass, amongst pretty much anything else I decide to include. This month's episode has a bit of techno, quite a bit of ambient, some drum & bass, and ends with some fairly up-front synth pop...
  3. InReach

    A Drum and Bass Dream – Kimyan Law and ‘Zawadi’ (In-Reach Mag)

    Last week I managed to finally get to speak to one of my favourite artists in the Drum and Bass world; the young, eminent and incredibly intriguing Kimyan Law. The premeditated subject of our conversation was his much anticipated 11-track album ‘Zawadi’ (zah WAH dee) forthcoming on Blu Mar Ten...
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