1. PRTCL

    Drum & Bass 11.10.19 Humanoid 004 at Fiese Remise, Berlin

    Hi all, I'm happy to say that Humanoid is back to Berlin again after a brief summer pause and ready for our autumn event with a line up of full on, rolling underground music. Over the past months, we've been making plans and putting together a line up of true vibe makers for this event...
  2. H

    Humanoid invites DSCI4 (20 years special) - Berlin, Humboldthain

    In the first of our label collaboration events, Humanoid are excited to be inviting the legendary DSCI4 recordings back to Berlin to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the label. DSCI4 is a true pillar of the drum and bass scene worldwide and has been a breeding ground for many well-known drum...
  3. PRTCL

    Data 3 @ Humbolthain Club, Berlin - 15.02.2019

    Hi all, next mont in Berlin the Humanoid team will be hosting a special event with a special guest. The venue is baning too so if you're in town, come by... Data 3 (Souvent // Soul Trader // Addictive Behavior // Skank and Bass // Drum and Bass Arena // Flexout) PRTCL (DSCI4 // Flexout Audio...
  4. R

    Multi Genre Berlin event - 14.09.18!

    For the German hadz: We're throwing a party at Berlins Griessmuehle at friday 14th September: TRIPPIN PLANET PARALLEL big floor Jungle, DNB, Hardcore with Moving Shadows DJTrax Berlin debut Belgian Jungle Head Havoc Belgian breakcore, dnb producer X&Trick Berlins own jungle, bass DJ Uta small...
  5. DeeGun

    Phantom Warrior & Monch MC - Concrete BLN @ Cassiopeia, Berlin 27.12.2017

    Drum & Bass KRYTIKA Productions Podcast 015 | No_Name

    KRYTIKA Productions Podcast 015 | No_Name (Berlin) #drumandbass #darkside #jungle Artist links: @no_name-2 Label links: @krytikaproductions Tracklist: No_Name...
  7. nafe1

    Drum and Bass in Germany (Berlin & Cologne), looking for bookings

    Easy everyone, I'm trying to get in touch with some German promoters in Berlin and Cologne in particular. ive been trying to get on some nights in Luxembourg but they are not interested in anything other than Jump Up or Nuero (which is fine!) but not my style would very much appreciate any...
  8. Cristian Soriano

    Drum & Bass Submit your music for free on Nomad Wave Radio

    Hello guys This is Nomad Wave Radio, a project based in Berlin, Germany. We broadcast the best electronic music we find from everywhere, A lot of tunes of drum and bass are part of the music catalog of Nomad Wave Radio. If you are a producer and you are looking for a label you can submit your...