1. J

    The UK Hip Hop Mix: Vol 2 (The Four Owls, Ocean Wisdom, Coops, Jack Jetson & More)

    The second edition in a series of UK Hip Hop mixes. Keeping the energy levels high on this one, rolling beats and sharp lyrics guaranteed to get your head bopping. If your into your UK Hip Hip please give this a listen. Please drop me a comment if you want to hear more or have any...
  2. C

    Power surge - a half-time dnb / beats track

    Hey guys, Here is my latest track called Power surge. It's a beats tune :) Give it a listen and drop a comment if you like it or think something could be changed for the better!
  3. nostrill

    Nostrill - Beat Tape 01 (Free Download)

    I'm planning to keep on mixing hip hop/beats so i'll keep this thread updated here's the first one, hope you'll enjoy Tracklist Iskeletor - Gallows Tipper - Off Kilter Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch Cut Killer - Nique La Police DJ Shadow - The Sideshow Honey Claws - Digital Animal Tipper -...
  4. nostrill

    first track i made, feedback wouldya?

  5. T

    DnB Rebs' YouTube Channel

    Hi all Have just signed up right now on here, so I hope this post is okay. I've recently got into dnb after being into House and Trance and the like back in the 90s & 00s. Basically got into dnb through playing Forza and listening to Hospital on the radio stations on the game. This then led...
  6. Villem

    Villem & McLeod Present: After Hours Sample Pack

    Ez crew, We have been busy creating the next batch of samples for you, we focused on what's important, Drums and Bass! We dug deep, finding breakbeat samples that had not been used before and gave them the 2017 174bpm treatment. Lots of bass samples ranging from filthy to smooth, on top of...
  7. ReevahRaw

    Raw Fri 24th March

    Raw DNB 24th March @ Mash House, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh 11pm-3am....monthly Drum And Bass Ft Aesthetics, Jammin, Recon and Reevah no rwnds no Mc's.... just raw heavy beats!!
  8. Amosi

    Hi DnB Forum!

    I'm David, I'm Dutch and I make DnB. Without going all "I grew up in a family where...." the shortest way to put it is that I've always loved music, and most of the time in my life I've been making music of all sorts as well. Until my house got robbed, I lost everything basically, and I didn't...
  9. Becky

    Liquid Intelligent Drum & Bass Mix broadcast on Ibiza Sonica Radio

    Hey guys! Please check out the mix I did for Ibiza Sonica Radio :) That's me talking on it too. ;) Hope you like it!! (yn)
  10. H

    Making a drum beat in Reaper 5?

    Hey guys, I've installed Reaper and I am barely familiar with it. I know how to equip my MIDI keyboard, pull up VSTs and some other basic stuff, but have tried all day to use a beat sequencer. I found one called Megababy which is already included in Reaper, but I can't load any samples into it...
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