1. YugenDnB

    How to dnb drums?

    Hi, I've been producing a while now (started December 2016) and I'm really trying to up my game where I lack the most skill is drums, they always come out boring, repetitive and lack punch. what did you guys do to practice making complex drums patterns and how to process them? Any tutorials or...
  2. grizzygrantt

    grizzygrantt. rapper, writer, mixer, freak.

    At first you know there was just this depressed kid named Grant. Technically, I don't and have no control of his narrative no more. He very much exists inna dope crazy underground horror place now. This horrid place is called D.E.C.K City. Sometimes, I cannot reflect myself that Grizzy controls...
  3. SPRX

    Liquid DnB Beat Help

    Hi guys , I want to write liquid dnb and I have a question for you how to make a beat of dnb using single hits?
  4. The Blaggard

    Dubstep First Tune made in years.... Kemikal X Dub

  5. Jake_Mehmet1

    Check out my first dnb tune!

    First ever dnb tune produced by myself on Ableton. Let me know your thoughts. follow and leave a comment!
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