1. NuMotive

    DnB NuMotive - Debut EP out soon!! thoughts please?!

    Upcoming drum & bass producer NuMotive debut EP out soon have a listen, all reposts and likes are highly appreciated! feedback welcome :) Follow my Soundcloud for more!
  2. NuMotive

    DnB Preview of my new track - thoughts please?!

    Preview of a track I'm working on, let me know your thoughts please?! follow my Soundcloud for more -
  3. Techbug

    Growl/Reece Bass on Virus Ti

    Hi I would like to create a topic about Growl/Reece bass for Virus Ti users. I would like to see any links that you may have come across or step by step making Growl/Reece on the VirusTI. If you have Patches or you know where you can buy, please post links, videos, samples, examples, step by...
  4. NuMotive

    DnB NuMotive - Blackout

    Heavy hitting new drum and bass tune from unsigned, upcoming artist NuMotive!
  5. Ivo [Wifey]

    UK Bassline

    Hope you Enjoy!
  6. NuMotive

    DnB Jump up DNB track

  7. NuMotive

    DnB Hypnosis by NuMotive on Soundcloud.

  8. NuMotive

    DnB NuMotive - Distorted Mind (Big Tune Alert)

    New neurofunk/jungle tune from NuMotive. Make sure to have a listen and if you like what you hear follow, like and repost. :)
  9. Flaction


    Hello Freak'zmy name Johann Flaction aka Flax, and i'am a Dj Producer from Vevey (Switzerland) adept of the "broked beat" I choose the Drum&bass 4 playground. Comming up from the Hip Hop source, i developed my culture of Djing style untill Breakcore. Sound technician and event promoter, I...
  10. NuMotive

    DnB NuMotive - Tides

  11. NuMotive

    DnB NuMotive new tunes are BIG!!=)

    NuMotive, a new name in the Drum & Bass scene making neurofunk and jungle music has got some heavy hitting tunes for those who love their skank & bass! Check out NuMotive's first track here and follow on Soundcloud & Twitter:
  12. Techbug

    What are your steps to resampling the bassline?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering what steps do you follow when you resampling a bassline? What synth What DAW What Plugins What LFO, OSC, SUB OSC, waveshape, filter. Maybe someone came across any good video that you could post the link I just find myself that I resample on my sampler, but its quite...
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