1. PRTCL

    Plug-in recommendation - The Denise Saturator

    Hi DNB forum, I'm currently working for a plug-in developer in Berlin called 'Denise', the company are building a range of heavy sounding but quick-to-use plugins. The first one they've released is a Saturator which sounds heavy as an additional punch to a bass bus, or even as an additional bit...
  2. DeeGun

    Ed Rush b2b Audio with 2Shy @ Rampage 2018
  3. Unknown Audio

    DnB Free sample pack

    Jah bless! Just wanted to let you know I have a free sample pack to give away. It contains over 300 high quality wav and aiff audio files. Everything from punchy drum samples, twisting bass noizez, fx, atmospherics, transition fx, glitchy stuff - mainly aimed at dnb and neurofunk production...
  4. DeeGun

    Therapy Sessions 18.10.2006 (Audio/Robyn Chaos)
  5. A

    Audio & Unknown Error - Raising Hell, any info?

    Audio & Unknown Error - Raising Hell Not so much as track Id, but does anyone have info? Seems to be a Audio remix of Hellraiser but canffind any info on its release? Thanks all
  6. Flexout Audio HQ

    In-Reach: Beats in the Brewery (w/ Flexout Audio and Uprise Audio)

    Hi DNB Forum crew, We're please to announce that we are teaming up with Uprise Audio and In-Reach to bring you one night of the finest in Underground music. Never ones to play by the rules, we searched high and low for the perfect venue to hold our first ever event. Combining our love for sound...
  7. J

    DnB Id Audio Intro Beatpatrol 2016

    Please help me ID this track
  8. HEIST

    Heist Preset pack for Xfer Records Serum Virtual Synth

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted on here, but thought this might be of interest to some of you : ) I've recently released my first ever preset bank of sounds (which will be a continuing excursion in the coming months - creating a collection) and I chose to start with Serum. Here's...
  9. Flexout Audio HQ

    Up next on Flexout Audio...

    Easy DnBForum crew, We're going to be using this thread to keep people updated with what releases are coming up on the label. We have some really exciting releases coming up this year, the 2016 schedule is looking pretty strong so far. If you want to be informed on what's coming next, you can...
  10. Ncomfortable


    Hello everybody ! I've been teaching audio production for the last few years and one of the topics that seems really hard to understand is : compression. I am starting a little blog series sharing material that was originally intended for my students about compression and others tricky aspects...
  11. D

    AMUSE001: Samy Nicks & Rekwest - The Regrettables / Pandemonium

    Samy Nicks & Rekwest make their debut release on their newly established label ‘Amusement Audio’ Artist: Samy Nicks & Rekwest Track titles: The Regrettables / Pandemonium Release date: 2nd November 2015 Catalogue number: AMUSE001 Clips: It’s been a long time coming, but the duo have...
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