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    VA - Insane Drum & Bass 2018 (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    The end of the year is approaching, this is the opportunity for us to make you discover part of our catalog released in 2017! 5 new & Exclusive tracks are included (marked as (*) ) Thank you all and best wishes for the festive season! Tracklist: 1.Staplemind - No Benefit 2.Just Mayhem - The...
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    Atroce - Alone (Album Sampler) (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    We are pleased to introduce 'Alone Album Sampler' from Atroce. After a long absence, Atroce is back to drop the sampler of his forthcoming LP "Alone". Moving from the liquid to the neurofunk, this sampler promises us an album regrouping a large part of the specters of the drum and bass...
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    VA - Insane Drum & Bass 2017 (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Insane Drum & Bass 2017 including 10 of Insane Ambition's biggest hit singles from 2016 and 5 new unreleased tracks from Ill effects, Inneri Duo, SocialKaos Bristol UK, Team 13 and Atroce!! Tracklist: 01. Just Mayhem - All Right 02. Atroce - Back To The Future 03. Team 13 - Barcelona Bounce 04...
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