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  1. jawa

    Sonar's Ghost-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Model - Wish - 8205 Recordings Quaad & Fundamentals - BDK - Heavy Sounds SB81 - Midlands Twist - Metalheadz Duburban, Peeb and Pixl - The Method (SSL Mix) - Dub X - Altera - Groundswell - Bopside Cheetah - Any Time, Any Minute - MINED Law - Retrofuturism - Repertoire Tim Reaper -...
  2. jawa

    Fundamentals-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Fundamentals - Trust me (Dub) On Remand - Controllin (Tango Remix) - Creative Wax DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication -Ladies Mix Fundamentals - Bring it Back (Dub) Jordan Williams - Rivera (Forthcoming Rigatoni) Marcus Visionary - Mr. Officer [Rumbleton Remix] - (Forthcoming Inner City...
  3. jawa

    QUAAD-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Tracklist: IJO - Stay (Only 1) (No Amen Records) Arcologies - Spirals In Space And Time (Forthcoming Heavy Sounds) Fundamnetals - 808 Skank (Dub) Wetman & Quaad - Untitled (Dub) Perfect Combination - 100 Years (Outdoor Mix) (Rollin' Records) Quaad & Soeneido - Wicked City (Forthcoming Heavy...
  4. jawa

    Haste-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Tracklist: DJ Airwalk - Shy Guy Beach Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv (Artificial Red Remix) Nation - Take Me [Dub] The Spice - Dimension [Tech Itch] Haste - Selec [Twilight Dub] Pugilist - Mania DJ Nut Nut - Forbidden Planet DJ Sewer - Badman Lovesong Genotype / Just Jungle - In Fear Of Fear Haste...
  5. jawa

    Moakz-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Tracklist: Microcosm - Journey of a Thousand Miles (Forthcoming Codename: RCRDS) NonRev - Have Life Will Travel (Codename: RCRDS) Okee - If You Believe (Moakz Remix) (Forthcoming Codename: RCRDS) Neekeetone - Murderer (Forthcoming Codename: RCRDS) DJ Pencil & The Cut Up Boys - Grooverider...
  6. jawa

    DnB DJ B-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: T.h.c - dark zone Orca - untitled Cris b - mind body and soul L major - roll away clean Eddie and harri - day and night 2 Sons of da noize- jungle hop Quarterback - you can remix Atomic dog - break it down Q project - rikers island on the run mix Mike de underground - dreams Emotif -...
  7. jawa

    Dj Sofa-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Peter Nice Trio - Harp of Gold Ltj Bukem - Enchanted Shimon - Within Reason (Liftin Spirits Remix) Coco Bryce - Night Safari (unreleased) The Last Ronin - Know You Better DJ Sofa - Our Future (unreleased) EbanX, Freegroove, Hyson - Take it easy Dj Dextrous & George Kelly - Better Way...
  8. jawa

    DJ Remedee-Exclusive Mix-The Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Mirage- Deep Rage Control- Seven Days Forme- New Element Shogun- Slipstream Photek- Book of Changes Shogun- Together Seba & Lotek- Universal Music Orca- Tranquility Technology- Wax Doctor Remix The Sentinel- Pulse of Life Natural Mystic- Lazy Ken Ishii- Stretch (Shogun Remix) Phuture...
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