1. RECollection

    DnB recollect

    nothing is perfect. but heres what i did tonight.. hows it sounding? i think a touch light on the low end. but i don't have a sub or a car with a sub. but i thought i try keeping this one one a bit tighter at the low end. even though i dont wanna.. i just can seem to find that happy medium.
  2. R

    DnB recollect

    analog gear. recorded in ableton. nothing fancy. eq'd a little. just a test piece for a while.
  3. RECollection

    DnB Recollect

    Sampled everything. Chopped te breaks. Over dubbed. Everything is is sequenced out side of the computer.. I recorded Into the computer. All analog gear. Well. Digital backing analog gear. But none the less. Feedback?
  4. R

    Dubstep Analog bitch.

  5. R

    DnB ((<<new-recollect>>))

    Analog hardware recorded in a DAW.
  6. RECollection

    DnB ((<<NEW RECOLLECT>>))

    let me know how it sounds
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