1. DeeGun

    Darkstar B2b Goreteks - Rinse & Repeat Radio (01.11.2017)
  2. DeeGun

    Darkstar b2b Goreteks - Rinse & Repeat Radio (11.10.2017)
  3. DeeGun

    Thumbzo & Jack Rupture - Back to the Jungle 11.10.2017
  4. THE Dominion Order

    Serious DJ's only

    DJ's.. We're not a station.. We are a Collective We primarily use Technics Turntables and occasionally CDJ's. We spin Original acid house (if and when we find the right soldier for the job) Oldschool DNB ( new and old ) JUNGLE (new and old ) 140 Beats We NEVER use sync buttons. We NEVER...
  5. Such Music Records

    Low:r - Essence Of Life [Such Music]

    They say that the third time’s a charm. In this case they’re right. Low:r’s third release on Such Music is an absolute masterpiece. Following the sweet, soulful release of Ebb N Flow, “Essence of Life” dives into deeper realms of the spirit. Haunting strings weave between a playful melody and...
  6. B


    I am giving away an M audio soundcard FREE!
  7. DeeGun

    Tech Itch - Live From The Lair - Aug 2016
  8. Bare Grillz

    DnB Junglist Network Comp Mix

    Yoyo, made a mix for the current junglist network mix (link - My mix is a blend of old school, new-school wobbly bits and some harder amen junk, all round jungle shit! Would also love to hear anyone else's mixes, will do...
  9. L.A.S.

    L.A.S. - IPCmafia Beats 01

    Hey everyone, Here is an hour-long one made for our Hungarian webzine 'Impulsecreator' / Tunes from the past few months, forthcoming ones and a real classic. Mood: grey. Halfstep, deep scuba-diving, rollers and amen. Enjoy! :) Tracklist: ReDraft & Reminder – Your Love –...
  10. NuVentureRecord

    ► Rafau Etamski - Do That To Me // Lush Dream [NVR019: OUT NOW!] ◄

    ► Rafau Etamski - Do That To Me // Lush Dream ◄ ● NVR019: OUT NOW! Drum & Bass / Liquid / Vocal / Amen ● ► Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.75 + 2 BONUS TRACKS & MIX*) [Beatport] (*£2.60*) [iTunes] (*£1.98*) [Juno] (*£1.91*) [TrackItDown]...
  11. Bare Grillz

    DnB RAGGA JUNGLE - Bare Grillz - Seeking Rastafari (Bootleg)

  12. Bare Grillz

    'Future'/Recent Jungle - Production tips for new break manipulation etc

    'Ello guys. I'm trying to get into that 'future jungle' production style, but have no idea how they get their breaks done to such a high/sharp/'cutting through' standard. Talking about that 'Deep In The Jungle Recs' style vibe. High speed, heavy breaks but old skool style, very crisp and clean...
  13. Djinn

    Djinn - Everyday Junglist Exclusive Mix (Cylon / Sci Wax / Rupture / Foundation X etc.)

    Exclusive drum & bass / jungle mix recorded for Everyday Junglist . . . Paradox – Ghost Notes (Paradox Music) Thelem – Cascading (Artikal) No Rules & Torn - Massacre (Nurtured Beatz dub) The Untouchables - Septimus (Cylon) Skitty – Oppression (dub) Ahmad, Kobra & Mental Forces –...
  14. problemchild

    DJ Problem Child - Amen Jungle/Drum And Bass 2015...

    DJ Problem Child - Amen Jungle/Drum And Bass 2015... Mixcloud: Download: Tracklist Overlook - Gumshoe [Rupture] Digital & Response -...
  15. strove

    [Jungle] Do these 'bell' sounds come from the Amen Break? *update* Chopping The Think Break Help

    Sup! First Post :D Recently started getting into production using Ableton. Decided that I want to try and re-create an old-skool Jungle vibe as a way of learning the basics of DnB production as I've always loved that Jungle sound. Long story short, I thought I'd kick things off with a...
  16. Techbug

    Hi I am new to the DNB Forum....

    Hi I live in London and have just registered to find more tips for DNB Production and share some of my experience too. I've been producing and playing with the music Software from 17 years old, have played in New Metal band, so you will hear some of the heavy DNB stuff. It took me a loong time...
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