1. Modulardnb

    Sicknote - Lost Deep In The Hard Drive LP

    Out now via Bandcamp 11 unreleased Sicknote tunes! This album is a selection of tracks that I accidentally deleted the sessions for (don't delete your back up hard drive by accident!) A cross-section of vibes and styles within the realms of drum and bass, hope you enjoy Available as an 11...
  2. J-Damm

    Charity Drum and Bass Album For The Victims of the Grenfel Tower Block Fire

    The Love You Forever Project Raising money for the victims of the London Tower Block Fire so far we have on board: Ram Records, Metalheadz, Hospital Records, Viper Recordings, Dread Records,Sliced Note Recordings, Close to Death, Westworld Recordings, Alive Music, Diamond Dubs, Seizure, Ray...
  3. Brex

    Sense MC album

    Haven't looked to see if it's already posted here. No ragrats. Pre-order too.
  4. S

    Alternative Future DnB Album Release

    Hi Guys, you got to check this Alterantive dnb ablum ive made. some say its Derp, other say this is the future of drum and bass, what du you think? check the spotify link, and if you wnat to here some more tracks, check the soundclude
  5. Kyam_Music

    DnB Kyam - Refragment LP - Free download

    Hi. I’m a Cardiff (Wales, UK) based producer / DJ with releases on Foundation X / Vampire Records / Danger Chamber / Logical Direction, and tunes forthcoming on Future Thinkin / Subtle Audio / Eastern Promise Audio and more. To say thanks for the support that I’ve been getting recently, I’ve...
  6. AudioAddictRecs

    DJ Hybrid - Mixed Origins LP

    DJ Hybrid - Mixed Origins LP Buy: DJ Support: Jaguar Skills, The Freestylers, Crissy Criss, Aphrodite, Ray Keith, TC, Aries, Tyke, Mob Tactics, Danny Wheeler, Kenny...
  7. thingmusic

    Thing - Collected Works (Dubthing Records)

    Grab new Thing album, available thru bandcamp :) ALBUM LINK :
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