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    DnB Radicall - Touch / Build Me Up (Bungle Remix) - 12" vinyl

    Hi guys We made an exclusive stream yesterday with forthcoming tunes, which we gonna release in next two months. Check it out Link here ABSDIG021 / Digital http://www.absysrec.com/digital.htm 0:10 - 5:58 Physicall illusion & Hidden Element - Primal 6:00 - 11:15 - Physicall illusion &...
  2. sho

    Dissident - Neon Circles (Absys)

    Dissident Neon Circle 21st June 2017 FACEBOOK / SOUNDCLOUD / TWITTER Dissident and Kontext are the production names of Russia-based audio artist and DJ Stanislav Sevostyanikhin. Residing in St.Petersburg at the Baltic sea shore, he spends most of his time slicing beats, synthesizing sounds...
  3. sho

    Dailiv - Annoying Fear (Absys)

    Dailiv Annoying Fear 10th May 2017 VK.COM / FACEBOOK / TWITTER / SOUNDCLOUD / INSTAGRAM Ilya Davidenko aka Dailiv is a music producer from St Petersburg, Russia. He makes deep and experimental half-tempo drum & bass. His first release saw the light in 2014. So far, he has released for such...
  4. sho

    Invadhertz - Night Tales (Ep) - Absys Digital

    Invadhertz 'Night Tales' WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / TWITTER / SOUNDCLOUD / INSTAGRAM Invadhertz are Francesco Malvaso, Alessandro D'Addario Fernandez and Massimo La Sorsa, from Italy. It started off as an audiovisual collective in 2010. The group first experimented with big beat and electro until...
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