1. Ravingreligion

    The Raving Religion Podcast 40 - Noisy Antics

    Stepping up next on mix duties for the 40th instalment of our podcast series is Bristol's Noisy Antics, representing The Ranch and Riganomix collectives. Bringing an aggressive mixing style and a varied tune selection with something for everyone, this active young DJ and aspiring producer is...
  2. Da Jatta

    Drum & Bass Da Jatta - Alligator Bites - DnB Vinyl Mix 2018

    Hi Fans of electronic music, nu mix with nu tunes online and free download.. Where? Of course on Hearthis: https://hearthis.at/dajatta/da-jatta-alligator-bites-dnb-vinyl-mix-2018/
  3. Ezim4n

    Drum & Bass HIGHCAST 04 with JASKIN (Halftime to Dnb + tracklist + dubplates) Dub Elements, DLR, Rainforest etc

    For the forth installment of Highcast we invited Jaskin to lay down a mix. Presenting 30 minutes of blissful halftime to jungle to dnb, and treating us to a couple of dubplates from himself and partner in crime Uneven. Tracklist: 1 Rainforest - Squad Nights 2 Rainforest - Blu Diesel Euphoria...
  4. R

    Drum & Bass recollect

    analog gear. recorded in ableton. nothing fancy. eq'd a little. just a test piece for a while.
  5. Treazon

    Multi Genre Langton - Disco Mix

    Hi everyone So it's been a little while since posting here! The main reason I'm back is to introduce a little project, that is soon to become a big success (we hope): I present 'Langton' (ta-daaa) It's basically a disco project from three guys living in Bristol, and there's gonna be loads of...