1. Treazon

    Multi Genre Langton - Disco Mix

    Hi everyone So it's been a little while since posting here! The main reason I'm back is to introduce a little project, that is soon to become a big success (we hope): I present 'Langton' (ta-daaa) It's basically a disco project from three guys living in Bristol, and there's gonna be loads of...
  2. V

    DnB Lerner - Sleep Well... (DNB Studio Mix 2017)

    Kriotek - Telepat Yabol - Stellar Evolution Proton Kid - Leverage Stereotype - Hypnotic Black Sun Empire - Battalion The Sect - Recall (Dean Rodell Remix) Machinecode - Drag Me Current Value - Viral (Original Mix) Current Value - Alpha Key (Original Mix) Black Sun Empire - Adaptation Noisia -...
  3. S

    In need of some advice

    Hello there everybody, I just made an account today because I saw the great potential in forums like this. I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback on one of my latest projects which is not finished but seeing if I'm heading in a good direction or not. I worked with FL Studio...
  4. Leniz

    DnB Feeling Alive/What We've Become [Out Now On Default Recordings]

    Hi guys! Wanted to say I'm very thankful for all the support & help I get on the forum. Hard work pays off. Here is my 2nd label release. This time on Default Recordings Feeling Alive is a smooth liquid roller that holds your attention throughout with cooling piano riffs and vocal stabs laid...
  5. Binary_UK

    DnB Sam Binary - Sun and Bass 2017 Competition

    Ez guys, been a while since I posted a mix:
  6. NotioN

    OUT NOW : Echtoo, Chris Cause ft. Echtoo (Clear Conceptions 34) [CRCS34].

    Echtoo, Chris Cause ft. Echtoo - 'Intastellar' / 'Infrasound' (Clear Conceptions 34) [CRCS34]. Echtoo - 'Intastellar'. Chris Cause ft. Echtoo - 'Infrasound'. Buy links: BandCamp : http://bit.ly/2q0bDM3 Beatport : http://btprt.dj/2pgB395 JunoDownload : http://bit.ly/2pYnJVm Digital-Tunes ...
  7. Large Marge

    DnB chunky upfront selection (2015-now)

    some nice heavyweight biz... fun for all the family Nu Elementz - Respect [Sweet Tooth] Tyke & Prestige - Observe [Playaz] Bigga Star & Spreda - Aura [Natty Dub] Jinx & Dazee - Bring It Down [Ruffneck Ting] Heist - Seems Risky [Original Key] 2N - Cats & Dogs [Musik Hertz] Impact - New Chamber...
  8. Ezim4n

    DnB HIGHCAST 03 with UNEVEN (Halftime dnb + tracklist + dubplates) Om Unit, Digital, Notion, etc

    Highcast 03 is now live! We are very pleased to have Uneven take the controls and present Aprils session. Uneven takes us further down the Halftime Drum and Bass path and treats us to a couple of dubplates along the way in this well balanced mix of deep and atmospheric sounds. Hope you enjoy...
  9. Ezim4n

    DnB HIGHCAST 02 with STRUCTURE (Halftime dnb + tracklist) Acid Lab,Nucleus,Homemade Weapons etc

    Hey guys, Here is the second podcast from our Highcast series. In session this time with the mighty Structure! This one taking you to the deeper darker corners of Halftime Drum and Bass. Enjoy Tracklist: Shambala Networks - Space Machinery Acid Lab - Drown Heden & Dyl - Washed Out Dycide -...
  10. daveyberkowitz

    Hollow Days - Davey Berkowitz

    A halftime-y tune I made and decided to upload, some hardware, some breaks , echo-y business. enjoy.
  11. Ezim4n

    DnB HIGHCAST 01 with EZIMAN (Halftime dnb + tracklist) Enei, Breakage, Fixate, Alix Perez, etc

    Hey everyone, I recently started a new music project called High Rank Audio where ill be hosting and recording a series of podcasts or Highcast's as iv called them. The project focuses mainly on Dnb but there will be some Jungle, Dubstep and Reggae/Dub, its really about music that works your...
  12. Destro Bass

    New DnB Downloads of the end of 2016 Thread

    Greetings drum and bass fam! I noticed there was tons of drum and bass shared over the holiday season, and thought a proper thread to DL some tunes we might have missed would be great to have on here. Please reply with any tunes you grabbed or decided to give out this Holiday! Bless up and keep...
  13. Skill Behaviour

    DnB Skill Behaviour - Liquid Drum and Bass Mix Winter 2017

    Happy new year! This is my first drum and bass mix of 2017, filled with tracks released in the last two months. Lots of liquid basses and winter vibes on this one! Tracklist: 1 Sky Turns Black - Satl 2 Style - T.R.A.C., Raw Q 3 Just Wanna - M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S 4 Without You - Phaeny 5 Sun Goes Down...
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