1. THE Dominion Order

    UNIT 7

    Live @ 7pm GMT WE who are about to spin Salute you.. UNIT 7 D-S Myrmidon D-S Dark Angel Primary Stream www.thedominionorder.co.uk Follow us on chewtv Twitter Mixcloud Facebook Instagram Live streams & recordings of all our previous shows can be found on Our Facebook page Twitter chewtv...
  2. THE Dominion Order

    3 RONIN

    Live now 3 RONIN D-S Dopamine D-S Dark Angel D-S Descend Main stream thedominionorder.co.uk Facebook Live Chewtv
  3. THE Dominion Order

    Serious DJ's only

    DJ's.. We're not a station.. We are a Collective We primarily use Technics Turntables and occasionally CDJ's. We spin Original acid house (if and when we find the right soldier for the job) Oldschool DNB ( new and old ) JUNGLE (new and old ) 140 Beats We NEVER use sync buttons. We NEVER...
  4. nafe1

    Jesta Warm up mix VOL.1

    what's up ya'll, aint posted on here in a very long time, here's a mix... Warm Up Mix Vol.1 Simply Vinyl 45min set Two 1210 MK2's and a XONE:92 mixer enjoy! :) Amoss - Footloose VIP Enei & DRS - Obsession Skeptical - Static Dub Phizix feat. Skittles - I'm a creator Mindmapper - Collesius...
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