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    157 Psychedelic Foot/Drumwork [Xujih x Pr!ntz - Invasion]

    thanks man :) i think a vocal sample could definitely help bridge some gaps in the energy. i've since referenced this on a couple of non-flat systems and the bass is a bit hot so I'm going to do another mix/master, thanks a lot for the feedback :) cheers bro :)
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    157 Psychedelic Foot/Drumwork [Xujih x Pr!ntz - Invasion]

    Got together with a mate last week and turned out this frenetic track over a lazy weekday BUT we haven't had a chance to properly reference the master yet as we were working off tiny monitors and have been away from home all week so I'd love some feedback about the bass compression - I think we...
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    Rolling Deep Vol. 1 !

    Great tracklist I'll give it a listen shortly :)
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    [Dark DnB] Xujih @ Regrowth Festival 10th Anniversary (Australia 2015)

    Dark minimal drum and bass set recorded @ Regrowth Festival 2015 - unfortunately no tracklist for this one as I was playing heaps of brand new tracks off the cuff that I can't remember right now :P enjoy! Artist: Xujih [Burner Collective / R.E.X.E.T.T.E Records] Stream:
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    Xujih - I See Beneath [Dark 140]

    Hey dudes, going a little slow with this one and looking to get some criticism.. Deep dark 140 roller, very sparse and tense, still early stages but I hope to finish this one off soon with a bit of perspective from you guys :) Stream: Enjoy!
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    [Dark 140] Xujih - I See Beneath

    Just started this one, minimal dark vibes, interested to get some feedback on levels from people with different systems :) also thinking of working in a long sample over the first 32 bars but I'm not sure, any thoughts?
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    Online Collaboration

    Collect all and save in ableton, copy the project file and the sample folder to a zip. Bingo.
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    [Dark 175] Xujih - Phalanx (New Version)

    I totally agree Summers, as the others' have said its missing a cohesive element to bring together the spaces and a vocal sample could do perfectly :)
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    Xujih - Birthday Breaks Session Mix [breaks/dnb]

    Bump, now download enabled ;)
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    Deep drum & bass?

    Another convert :) check out Mtwn, Ruffhouse, Clarity, Hyroglifics, Dabs and Indigo, for starters. I also make and mix deep dark dnb/140, free mix downloads over at
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    New dnb track i'm working on - Feedback appreciated :)

    Very good start, think there's a bit much going on in the midrange which could be cleared up but the elements are good. Did you just use a whole bunch of perc/bass samples for this or is this your own work with synths and racks?
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    artistCalled6 [Beatwarfare] - A Long Farewell - Chillout?

    What are you using to write with? I think the melody is a bit too simple and could also do with variation throughout the piece, and it might be worth varying the percussion a bit more with an extra percussive element or two :)
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    Acoustic treatment?

    To the guy asking about bass traps, I have mine in the corners of the room as well as one in the center of the roof. Further my sub is sitting on foam as are my monitors, makes a big difference to resonance that is directly in your sound stage rather than behind you. I wouldn't necessarily put...
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    [Dark 175] Xujih - Phalanx (New Version)

    Hey guys, didn't even realise there was a feedback thread here :P just uploaded a newer version of my track Phalanx in anticipation of its release next month, would love to get some feedback from some heads, I'll try and return the favor!
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    Down Under Mix - #

    Not bad man, a bit upbeat for my liking but a couple great tracks in there :)