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    Wu Tang Coronavirus Thread

    update from Toronto: we're still alive.
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    Anguish (aka DOT) Sucker Punch EP (VR005) forthcoming Vivid Recordings

    If this should happen to end up in my inbox i wouldnt be disappointed :)
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    Break It Down

    Check your dm in a bit 👌
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    Break It Down

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    Free Download: Kolectiv - Give Nothing (Echo Motion & K2T Remix)

    Beautiful intro, great drop, great job
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    Eventide Sale

    TESTING UPDATE I tested it out. Its got some really weird reactionary stuff going on in the mids. Its definitely NOT a natural sounding reverb, but it is still a very cool reverb if you want to put a little bit of time into it. Also you can make that reverb that MINUTES long. seriously. So if...
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    Eventide Sale

    Eventide's got a decent sale going on right now for a couple plugins.. the one that has always had my attention is their Blackhole reverb plugin.. anyone have it? i've heard its quite cool. Looks cool too. 50USD right now.
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    Pc internal sound card

    to start producing? no, definitely not. Plug in your head phones, buy at 50 dollar keyboard/drum pad combo and giv'r.
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    Share Some Production Tips You Wished You Had Known Earlier

    Honestly, when I first started out, Idiot's Guide to Mixing Music was useful as a reference book. If you're a year in you may find a lot of it too basic though..
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    Why do people not feedback on this forum?

    bump cuz its time to
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    DnB Ice Dream at Night

    There's something about the kick in the intro i don't like... its flat somehow.. maybe some EQ scooping? maybe its just me Other than that, nice tune man.
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    DnB PHONEY - TWILIGHT ZONE (TAKE 1 CLIP) - Leave some feedback!

    Hey man, cool idea for sure, got some serious dark potential going on here. I do have a couple of suggestions. do with them as you will. for the twilight zone delays, consider cutting off the high end on the delayed elements to help keep things a bit clearer. I'd say add reverb to the...
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    Plane crash in Afghanistan

    it looks like a plane crashed