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    Some tune

    Hello guys, i can't remember name of this track, its something few years old i think but dont know any more Can you help?
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    Dr.AT & Snick - Let it roll dj contest mix 2018

    "Hi, in the name of Dr.AT & Snick, my friend and I have recorded a short mix full of fat, rolly treasures we all simply love here... You can listen to our set here:…/drat-snick-let-it-roll-dj-contest-… If you are digging it then you can do a little favour for us... We got...
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    Shrinking subbass

    Ok, many thanks guys
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    Shrinking subbass

    Speakers are ok when i play some tracks, i try three headphones, different sound cards, but the same problem. It cant be heard at small volume. When i test it on small PA, it was terrible. I hear it most on senn hd25 at highest volume. Now i think its broken sound card, but i dont know.. But...
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    Shrinking subbass

    Hello, I really need to help with my bass. When i make subbass in any plugin, its make some shrinking-crackling noise on the left side. When i load some preset, its make same thing. I using FL studio 12 now, but FL 10 make it too. Thanks in advance for your answers.