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    Prose - Force of Habit - New Album out 22nd November

    Pre-Order on Suspect Packages Official Release - 22nd November
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    Sway - The Delivery 2, Lost In Transit FREE MIXTAPE DOwNLOAD

    Download Download Fucking big, big mixtape, get on the download 8-O
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    Biggest drops in dubstep

    2:00 mins in
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    Youtube channels

    FuckYehDubstep UKFDubstep InspectorDubplate This guys account to deleted or something, used to have all the choons, u could subscribe i spose and see if he uploads any more. ---------- Post added at 13:26 ---------- Previous post was at 13:07 ---------- ^ dubstep btw
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    DJ GS Bassline Classics Mixtape Vol 1. Volumes. 2. 3. 4 Coming sooooon ish.
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    Top 10 Dubstep Clubs

    Superfly @ Leicester, does the dubstep ting not just dubstep tho
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    Posts you've been thanked for?

    How do you find out what posts you've been thanked for. On the old forum you could click on the thanks under your name and it would give you a list of all the posts that you'd been thanked for. Can't seem to do that now, or am i just missing something obvious?
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    DJ EZ On Kiss100 - 26/3/10

    EZ is the man
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    Mt Eden Dubstep

    Dubstep?? you've got me stumped mate
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    RATTUS & KLOSE ONE "Redlights" BBC 1Xtra

    20 secs of chat then just moosic
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    RATTUS & KLOSE ONE "Redlights" BBC 1Xtra Tracklisting: 1. Get Down Low - Rusko 2. Blood & Guts - RackNRuin 3. Could This Be Real - Sub Focus 4. Night Goes On - Flux Pavillion 5. Badman Riddim - Vato Gonzales (Rattus & Klose Edit) 6. Wile Out - Zinc Ft Ms Dynamite 7. Fly Up Ya Banner -...
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    New Rhyme Asylum Album "Solitary Confinement" Coming Soooooon

    we'll have to wait and see