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  • Easy mate, hows it going? just wanted to drop you a quick message about Disfunktional Radio. We are a new radio station that is RAPIDLY building, we are multi genre and have lots of live DnB shows. you should come over and check us out, remember - if you listen to a live show get in the chat room too for requests and shoutouts.


    Timetable: (Please note we also have free slots for any DJs wanting a weekly show) http://z10.invisionfree.com/DisfunktionalRadio/index.php?showtopic=31

    Come over and check our forum out and tune into some live shows, look forward to seeing you around mate ;)

    :) :-)
    big up s/w massive, based in bridgy myself - give me a shout if your ever passing thru we'll hook up for jokes or whatever.

    Hmmm... well I go up to Bristol quite alot for events up there, either that, or I have 'one of those faces'

    Or I served you in the perkin about a year ago, and you don't remember.
    Well good luck.
    If you're ever in the coalie and you see me, say hi.

    There's a picture of me somewhere on the 'post a picture of yourself' thread.
    What are you doing at SCAT?

    I don't work there anymore, but i used to be working / drinking there every weekend for about 2 years, constantly.

    The pub still feels like my front room!
    Yeah, I live near richard huish. I used to work at the perkin, but now i work at the coalie.

    If you went to the perkin in the past like 2 years, it's likely you saw me.
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