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    Drum & Bass Adventure Club - Wonder Ft. The Kite String Tangle (Vlaze Re - Work)

    Thanks everyone for listening! I really appreciate it
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    Drum & Bass Detached - Reflections (WIP) Feedback needed

    I really liked the different sounds you used here, they seem very unique to me. The bass is sounding well with my speakers, to me it seemed that the vocals were not sounding so clear, maybe just boosting the volume a little could help, that's just my personal taste. Anyway, nice one I like it.
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    Drum & Bass I'm Sorry, Jump up mixed with drumstep

    Layers, that could make the snare way better and all those awesome wobbles too. I'd compress the hell out of that snare and then add some short reberb, then side chain that reberb to the snare so it sounds bigger.
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    New liquid remix

    Really nice melodies in this one, I like the way they complement each other and the vocal.
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    CocoPuff, Latiny Percussion

    Those drums at the start tho :). Consider working on the clap that come around 0:34.
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    Dope. I'd boost the bass a little more and eq it so it gets some more clarity. The drums are great. I have a feeling this is going to be incredible when it's finally done. 3:02 :2thumbs:
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    Rounder - Searching Inside - Feedback Appreciated

    Hey very nice track! I like the drums, they come out nice and clear over the mix. That subtle dissonance with the different chords and melodies gives it a very special and deep feeling, i love it, you should keep doing that; however, in this track you might have overdone that a tiny bit, the...
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    Drum & Bass Adventure Club - Wonder Ft. The Kite String Tangle (Vlaze Re - Work)

    Hey guys, so here's a track I finished last week. I haven't done much in the last year so this the first thing I post in a while now. Anyway I feel moderately proud of it and I wanted to see what you think, Thanks!