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  • nah we just freestyled it, came together nice. yeh let me know about that mix, and ill link you to the newest one when its up.
    damn this forum, it told me it was your birthday. oh well. im all good bro, you alright? did you download that mix i linked you to? went for a paint today, did a co-lab with my mate Ares, i put the flick up in graphics/drawings in waffle, check it.
    i thought you boys were hardcore! haha, glad you had a good time, cheers for the beltons, i went down to the skatepark the other day and took out my piece with something much nicer, your pieces were still there to.
    well have a word with the guys that run it, tell em an english DJ with mad skills is prepared to go over and smash the fucking place! haha show you swedes how its done!
    im studying business/law to get me into uni, then im doing a music events management course which will be sick, covers everything you need to know about putting on events.
    yes yes! how was your saturday night then? where you hit? i was absolutly knackered, was in bed by 11. started college today, not to bad actually and theres a couple of nice birds.
    I had a thought, if i hit up stockholm sometime, would you know anyone to talk to about me getting a set out there? Peace. NA~DCK
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