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    Fabric Facing Potential Closure

    Sign this guys!
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    First Drum and Bass Effort

    Credit due mate... For a first attempt of a Drum & Bass track, you've done great so far.. Keep up the good work and don't give in! (Y)
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    What's Happened To DOA!!!

    Thanks for the update Brian (Y)
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    Easy fellas!

    Welcome to the forum mate (Y)
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    Hello! :)

    Welcome to the forum Zeos!
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    Cylon Recordings Various Artist LP (2013)

    When's this out then?
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    What's Happened To DOA!!!

    Ahh, this thread is a blast from the past! I see DOA hasn't changed much... since 2003.
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    Drmsound & Bassline Smith Feat Chezere - Epic

    Awesome artwork!
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    Dexcell - Watch Out - Surface EP Pt 2 - & Free Mix Download

    oh god damn! I've just thrown up all over myself! :slayer:
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    Breakage - Natty [Digital Soundboy]

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    Best free distortion VST's?

    Worth taking a look at Camel Crusher, plus it's free!
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    V/A - Reanimation EP - Renegade Hardware (InsideInfo, Maztek, Optiv, BTK)

    I got this EP today. All 4 tracks are killers! Not often I'm into every track on an EP. Good stuff Hardware (Y)
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    Prolix & Gridlok the latest Ram signings?

    'Babylon' is a thumper! Loving this. Generally not into the RAM stuffs, but this is sick!
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    GPK - It Gets Weird at the End FREE MIX

    Big up mate!