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    Klute - We're all dying / Come back to me

    Yeah man, I got my hands on one from Chemical about 2 weeks ago as a bit of an experiment (their mp3 clip does not do it justice) and it became the pick of my shipment! I just can't believe how playable it is! Do you know of anything similar? Some Concord Dawn stuff seems to go well with it....
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    Klute - We're all dying / Come back to me

    Big ups to Mr Klute for these badbwoys - absolutely loving it; these two have got an edge that is deeper than Titanic! Anyone else heard? What do you think? (just thought I'd show my appreciation!) :lickface:
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    Junglist clothing stores?

    You could check out chemical records online, I was just browsing thru the other day and found that Hospital have a fair stock of gear on there - maybe some of the other labels are pimpin their threadz on there as well....hope that helps.
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    Nah not Russel Brand, the geezer with the westcountry accent and a undeniable amount of pure enthusiasm for anything he does.....fair play to him, can't knock that! P.S. Russel Brand is going out with Kate Moss - fair play to him as well! (y)
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    Going back to the thread title.... Maybe someone should get that nutter with long hair from Channel 4 to do a new show to follow up on the 'Bring back the A-Team/Xmas No. 1' franchise..... 'Bring back Bad Company'.....! Rock On! Good luck, fella...
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    Clipz & Die - Number 1

    While on the subject of appreciation, i just thought I'd throw mine in for Zen - Break Even/Boys on T Street. Love it!
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    This Friday -> Breakneck: Andy C & MC Eksman

    How was it then peoples....? Tru rinsin....or exam time skimpin?
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    Tunes that have come back around for you....

    Ed Rush and Optical - Kerbkrawler (Original) John B - Up All Night :slayer:
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    Brazilian Drum and Bass.....

    ....anyone know where I can get my hands on a fair few rekkids a la 'So Tinha Ser Com Voce' kinda style? Nothing better to kick back to during lazy summer days....:gslayer:
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    Breakneck Easter 80's Fancy Dress Boat Party with John B!

    ....hmm. Bummer. These things happen. Maybe he needs a John B soundbite....John B, John B...gimme da punk gimme da punk, then people will be flowing in!
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    Breakneck Easter 80's Fancy Dress Boat Party with John B!

    Didn't look particularly busy?!? How did it go? John B's fashion sense is extreme!
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    Two Veterans - Top Cat vs Tenor Fly

    Yeah man, agreed! Big up teh Top Cat and Tenor Fly! :shabba:
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    Titanic Remix?

    OMG! Is that the picture disc design? :nadia:
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    Titanic Remix?

    Legend...that'll be the one....wasn't sure that was its name. That's defo the one I'm after....those are the lyrics. Cheers bro