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    Drum & Bass Andy C with Ryme Tyme & Tonn Piper @XOYO ~ The Closing Party!

    Yeah yeah... how y'all doing? Managed a couple of hours this time till my phone gave up. Wish all DnB DJs played smaller venues it's soo much fun.....
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    What makes a dj "good" ?

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    What makes a dj "good" ?

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    Drum & Bass Andy C and Tonn Piper @XOYO, 03/02/17

    The track list is truly a joy to behold... 01. Dimension - In Bleach 02. Moving Fusion - The Beginning 03. Bad Company - The Pulse 04. Icicle & Nymfo - Franky Mountain 05. Ram Trilogy - Human Future 06. Ram Trilogy - Screamer VIP 07. Fresh - Signal 08. Logistics - Together VIP 09. Sub Focus -...
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    Drum & Bass Andy C and Tonn Piper @XOYO, 03/02/17

    Hello peeps it's been a while since I posted on here. I hope you're all cool? o_O If any of you want to see Andy C but don't have tickets you can get still get some on the door, just arrive early. Andy C week 5 of his residency at XOYO: :cool: :cool:
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    Drum & Bass Grooves - Plan B, Brixton

    What's happened to Danwell? What have you done with him?
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    Norwax - Drum & Bass Session March 2015

    Yeah JoJo you cool? Gonna give this a spin during the week. Will feed back for sure..
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    Papa J - Nice up the dance - Reggae Mix

    :) :)
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    New Genre / DubMetal

    I just stabbed myself in both ears because I couldn't find the pause button quick enough.
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    Minimal Tech 170 [Vol. 3]

    I likes your mixes. Safe.
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    Jungle War

    3 minutes is a bit short for a mix tbf.
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    Rolling Straight Through Vol 4. (Samurai, Exit, 31 Records)

    :madgun:Big up Stu. Got this bad bwoy mix queued up. :madgun: Big up the Hillingdon Manzdem.
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    Grooves 008 - Riisu

    Wicked first mix Riisu. Not been around for ages got loads of mixes to rinse out.
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