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    Skeptical: Musket 10"

    Saw some am the other day commenting on it being strange that Skeptical was making jump (in relation to this tune) and getting laughed at for such a statement. So must not be just them thinking that If you haven't got anything good to say Steves...
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    Skeptical: Musket 10"

    Exactly the sort of thing that would come from someone who thinks Scottish money is legal tender in England Tune has "Support from DJ Hype, DJ Marky, Doc Scott, dBridge, Kings of the Rollers, Hybrid Minds, Alix Perez, Calyx & Teebee, DLR, Total Science, Breakage, Flava D & more". Not a bad...
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    Thread needs more people being referred to as "mang"
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    Rifine - Wait A Second (Ulterior Motive, Loxy, Jubei, Overlook, Break) 100% Vinyl

    Thanks for your kind words man and the blends you pointed out! I bunged in Fridge at the last minute when I was reminded of it a couple of days before recording. And that Salvage tune is weighty. dBridge finished a set when he played where I used to live years back I hear ya, as with Will on...
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    Forthcoming Exit Releases

    Saw that on his Instagram. He's easily made some of the best stuff for the label Can't wait
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    Andy C Essential Mix (01-06-19) recorded at XOYO Season 2 Enjoy
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    Forthcoming Samurai Music releases

    Weaponry 006 Torn - Anaxious EP (21st June) Anaxious Nothing Escape Collapse Quality stuff!
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    Forthcoming Exit Releases

    2 albums in as many years then.... Mini LP from the head honcho. A few 170 autonomic / old ASC vibe tunes on there with an ambient bit and a few 140, together with a book for some light reading on the shitter dBridge - Lineage 1. Mauve 2. Hidden Intention 3. Tear Me Open...
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    Forthcoming North Quarter

    Stop it Ribs 10" with some funky house flavours
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    Forthcoming North Quarter

    Sometimes we get lucky
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    Forthcoming Cylon

    Sneaky tease for the 20 Years Of...
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    Forthcoming Critical/Modulations Releases

    What a weak EP though, especially after that single of his. Was hoping for something similar to Velvet, but got something less that All Blue
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    Synkro Musik

    Lovely 170 double sider from the man and some friends for 003 Synkro & Arovane - Transmission Synkro & Marenn Sukie - Get Together SMSK003 Expected 14 Jun 2019
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    Forthcoming METALHEADZ!

    Can you give us your review on the other 2 Amit tracks as well Steves?
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    ALBUMS 2019 (Curated by yours truly, 808 Dnb)

    Some audio tease for all the tunes also Eusebeia has an album in the works for release cery soon I heard