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    Forthcoming 31 Recordings

    Indeed. I can't stand that 1 note bass line of Cocooned, yet it seems loads of the top DJ's were playing it. And that vip is atrocious! Eclipse was talked about more and cropped up in mixes more out of the 4 tunes on that EP Vinyl backers / Go Fund Me page for Eclipse & Distance please...
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    Noisia: 2000 -> 2020

    May have also been covered in another thread, but Foreign Beggars are calling it a day as well this year!
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    Noisia: 2000 -> 2020

    Think they're just going for a name change Signal changing his name to IMANU last week, now this...
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    Forthcoming 31 Recordings

    Not sure if all the audio is meant to be up yet, so if not, listen while you can! Bungle going in hard, and on 31. Dictate is my fav of the bunch, but they're no Eclipse! :-/
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    Ruffhouse and Gremlinz announce new label uvb-76

    You were right man! Really thought it was gonna be Samurai though as I thought Nekyia had new music coming on UVB-76 Pessimist - Burundanga Ep (18th Oct) A1. Burundanga A2. Lithosphere AA1. Paian (Simon Shreeve Remix) AA2. Thug
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    Forthcoming Samurai Music releases

    Wayasay to this @Vydx ? Tomorrow...
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    Instra:Mental - Timelines LP

    Sex wee
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    Is Andy C still the best?

    Fake news is SO 2018 :trump:
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    Med School closes down

    This was one of the main reasons I picked up Past Lives. Quality tune and very Microfunky! I felt a similar thing the first Dawn Day Night tune I ever heard by Fracture :teeth:
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    Med School closes down

    Those 2 were on Blu Mar Ten ;) Amazing tunes though Also they were the first to make me aware of Synkro's 170 stuff + So much more!
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    DLR launching new label 'Sofa Sound'

    Can you confirm if that's a good thing or a bad thing? :teeth:
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    Forthcoming Exit Releases

    Just give us the new Consequence already!!!! :2thumbs:
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    Med School closes down

    Came here to post this. Such a shame as the label was a great platform for showcasing new talent. Will be sadly missed!
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    DLR launching new label 'Sofa Sound'

    Nice to get an I.D on The Click as Skeptical has been playing that! No doubt this will be a digi only release even though it's the best double sider the label's seen since that Song and Dance 12" :-/
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    Jack SpectraSoul Launches New Alias: Workforce & New Label: Must Make

    There's some great ideas on this and have been after an I.D on Common Interests for time + So Good is quite nice too! Will bag but wish that the better tunes of the 2 EP's were combined. Plus I think he needs to talk to Dave again for some of these tunes to feel more rounded and finished