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  • hmm actually.. maybe a remix?

    if i sent ya a couple of samples from my track ten you could remix it if ya want?
    ooh mate... as much as i would love to say yes, im already havni that tune released on a label.

    i wouldnt mind workin on a VIP?

    wat say you sir!?
    Well at the mo im kinda into the dirty liquidy stuff. kind of a cross breed between neuro and liquid. and a bit of trance thrown in ahah. only cos i tried the whole jump up thing and wasnt very good at it lol. would love to produce a propper one though. actually you might enjoy one of my tracks... its kinda jump uppy... its called 'Deep Places'


    obvs from top to bottom is my latest to oldest.

    OH SCREWFACE! haha... just hit the drop on your tune. thats a diiiiirty bassline mate! drowns out the drums a little but its nice. got a pretty sick tune one the way there mate keep at that and you're onto a winnaaa!!

    cool man, well if u got time then we'll collab at some point. hit me up when u find the time!
    sick. yeah rex files are a fuckin time/life saver haha.

    i kinda know what you mean about the grimeyness in the synths.

    im thinking of getting logic or cubase to use as a daw. also means ya can use vsts and the built in synths and filters and stuff in it.

    fancy a collab at some point?

    what you produce? jump up or liquid or what?
    easi bruvva...

    this probably sounds like a mega random question but; i see you're on reason for production. how are you finding it?

    im loving it for synthesis but the sequencer is a bit pants.

    u got a sound cloud?
    cheers mate.
    yea safe mate. u must of not posted it on my page earlier shit.
    ill check it out first thing tomoro an give u sum feedback.
    in the mean time if u could my tunes thatd be cool. cheers
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