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    marcus intalex

    Just seen Adam post a tune on FB. What happened?
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    Noise Complaints.

    Quick thread as I'm on my phone. Anyone know the exact dB(A) I'm allowed to play at my own house before old boy comes knocking on the door saying the bass is to loud and making his dinner plates shake? Absolute bollocks as I walked into his house next door and could not hear a thing. lemme...
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    Red Bull Culture Clash 2014

    Cheers pal.
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    Andy C All Night Mix 2014

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    Electro House.

    Cheers mate. Got a few tracks.
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    Electro House.

    Just getting into this genre..and anything surrounding it. Looking for other artists/mixes/Podcasts that anyone could recommend. I really only know the basics.. Feed Me, Knife Party, KOAN Sound, Kill The Noise etc.. Been out of the loop for a while! Any help appreciated.
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    Diplo and Friends BBC R1xtra - August 26th, 2012

    Always coming through the goods.
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    Fred V & Grafix - Just a Thought

    Yea, i thought that also. It seemed to have worked for them so far, but a change up of style would be good to hear. Still think 'This World' is Grafix's best tune.
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    DnB Forum jump up/Dancefloor megamix 2011...Mix & Link, its a monster.

    Cheers Joeeeey. ---------- Post added at 22:45 ---------- Previous post was at 22:43 ---------- Also, dont suppose someone can split it into 2 mixes can they? so i can burn 2 cds for my car.. i dont have the facilities! and yes.. im still on CDs.. no AUX for me.
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    Mixed Martial Arts

    Zer gut. Ive just started doing JKD.
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    Is this the greatest rap verse?

    Anything by Kool G Rap.