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    marcus intalex

    Just seen Adam post a tune on FB. What happened?
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    Red Bull Culture Clash 2014

    Cheers pal.
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    Andy C All Night Mix 2014

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    Electro House.

    Cheers mate. Got a few tracks.
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    Electro House.

    Just getting into this genre..and anything surrounding it. Looking for other artists/mixes/Podcasts that anyone could recommend. I really only know the basics.. Feed Me, Knife Party, KOAN Sound, Kill The Noise etc.. Been out of the loop for a while! Any help appreciated.
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    Diplo and Friends BBC R1xtra - August 26th, 2012

    Always coming through the goods.
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    Fred V & Grafix - Just a Thought

    Yea, i thought that also. It seemed to have worked for them so far, but a change up of style would be good to hear. Still think 'This World' is Grafix's best tune.
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    DnB Forum jump up/Dancefloor megamix 2011...Mix & Link, its a monster.

    Cheers Joeeeey. ---------- Post added at 22:45 ---------- Previous post was at 22:43 ---------- Also, dont suppose someone can split it into 2 mixes can they? so i can burn 2 cds for my car.. i dont have the facilities! and yes.. im still on CDs.. no AUX for me.
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    ATM Mag?

    Is this mag still going? i get mine from a local newsagents ordered in, got up to january, nothing since. The guy contacted his supplier n said they were having problems.. any news?
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    been a while..

    ahh yeah new album.. ill get on it. cheers pal.
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    been a while..

    Ez all havent been around for a while, moved house yada yada. long story short, havent been with the scene for about 6-7 months now n missed out on loads. Anything i should be checking out? whats new? im way to stuck for time to trapse through 6 months of new releases! Got the new audio...