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    Skeptical - Elevators

    22:25 huge
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    Children Of Zeus - Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)

    Pre ordered the vinyl, cant wait to hear more!
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    Bass Brothers - WTF - PLAYAZ

    Playaz have had some good releases this year, the last release.. Jam thieves - Minimal funk EP was sick
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    Alix Perez - 1985

    Been waiting for lurker for time! Sp's bars in that are too much, it goes so well with the tune
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    Pioneer PLX - 500 Turntable So pioneer are releasing a turntable that has a USB output & is only 300 squids... Is this a game changer? I'm tempted to buy one tbh if they're all thats cracked up to be, and tbh it is pioneer..
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    Lynx - 'Vault' series

    Vault 2 is now up on Soundcloud Girl Like U Ft Singer J Some Day Ft Hellrazor New Shoes Ft Malibu Auto Pilot Jungle Pop Ft Hellrazor
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    Forthcoming METALHEADZ!

    The limited clear vinyl is released on the 23rd september comtaining: A. DMT (feat. Hive) B. Inna Soul Jah
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    Forthcoming Spearhead Records

    Ahh cheers!
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    Forthcoming Spearhead Records

    Any news on this? That break remix of morning star has been floating around and I want it
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    Children Of Zeus - Still Standing (Lenzman Remix) 43:20 Proper Vibesss, anyone know anything about a release date?
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    Drum & Bass Tune of the day

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    DJ Hazard - Roll On My Level Ft Summer Rayne

    Haha he also said he literally cut and paste the vocals on top
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    DJ Hazard - Roll On My Level Ft Summer Rayne

    It got played on mistajams show last night & he even says island records rang him up and offered him money to put a vocal on it. It's quite a funny interview tbh