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    techno drum video up

    The bass drum was recorded with a microphone and double bass pedal. It is a bit muddy so it is difficult to hear each stroke. I'm going to do some recording with my electronic drums today. Dan
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    what synth or technique?

    I couldn't get your link. Try FREE REBIRTH. Dan
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    techno drum video up

    I have a techno drum video up. I plan on putting up more videos before next week. I used Rebirth to make the bass track and I'm playing on double bass drums. Check it out. Dan
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    WFD competitions Worlds Fastest Drummer

    The current record for Worlds Fastest Drummer (held in U.S.) is somewhere around 1200 single strokes per minute. This is being measured with a device called a DRUMOMETER. What do you think of this kind of competition? The competition moving from city to city across the U.S. now and I'm...