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    Fairly known tune ID

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    London is the dungeon

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    deep roller id???

    Anyone able to help ID this tune? Dropped just after Frankee - Snarl and sounds like its used a sample of 'I Wanna Feel - SecondCity' any help is very much appreciated :)
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    Synergy Autumn Mix

    Here's a recent mix from myself with a complete tracklist in the description- enjoy :)
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    Synergy 20 minute mix

    Here's a quick mix from me, first time posting in this section. Any feedback is appreciated :)
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    TC facebook mix id

    Hi Desperately trying to find the second tune in this mix, straight after the first tune (Raz - Devils Rebels) any help would be VERY greatly appreciated ! :)
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    fred v & grafix nass intro 2014

    If anyone could ID all or any of the tunes in this video it would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Drum & Bass annix les transardentes set tune id

    can anyone please help me to id the third track played in this video? dropped at 1:36 after serum - fly paper any help very much appreciated :)