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    No Concept sign to Technique Recordings!

    As opposed to girl shaving a tune on the dexcell podcast?
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    Drum & Bass I'll just leave this here...

    I only came here to say I laughed at this more than I should've done.
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    Best Track of 2017

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    This one
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    Favourite Ever DJ Set?

    Break - Longed Out
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    Dubs that will probably never be released

    Sub Focus - VCF Lost hope of a release of this a long time ago. Hearing Andy play it at the XOYO closing party was fucking vibes though
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    Biggest crowd reaction videos

    Job done
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    Your favourite tune of 2016????

    No one mentioned this? Muad... that 2nd drop is fire
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    Dimension - UK

    It's not that deep mate - relax, get off the internet and stop being such a sensitive soul Markus Plus my point still stands - Neurofunk is fucking boring in its current state. Even those who make it show a sense of self awareness and state the same.
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    Forthcoming Ram Records

    The best thing Ram have put out all year in a 12 months where their release rate has, for me, been super average. This makes up for it though
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    Forthcoming Ram Records

    Jesus... he couldn't sound anymore like Break if he pulled off his skin and wore him as a coat. Nice rollers though either way
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    Dimension - UK

    Wasnt really that keen on first listen After repeated listens? Yeah, this tune bangs tbh. In no way original, but done well for what it is. And its better than hearing another fucking cut of boring and bland European neuro funk
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    Sigma ft. Take That - Cry

    Some of the comments in there are fucking priceless...
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    What's your fav remix by Break?

    An underrated choice...
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    Fabric et al....

    They had for a while but it was shit place to move it too. That's where it used to be before it moved to the booth by the arch and bar but they moved it back for some god awful reason. Had some wicked nights in Room 3 and got to play in it twice so it meant a lot