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  • i might just be easier to chat on this thing... you got the inbox messages about what dubs i have left and so just let me know which ones your interested in and we'll sort out the details after that
    Blessings & salutations! Its nice to know somebody in the world is as grumpy as me, anybody would think you were an oldie such as myself! :2thumbs:
    wayne, me and alex were watching a video of andy c tonight and we clearly heard you shout " ffuuckk off" in the background. amazing.
    :D sounds like a plan to me. Hope your good, will chat to you before the next matter no doubt tho./
    hey wayne, nice to meet you last night, your a proper legend, sorry we didnt come back for the after party, will do that next time. :)
    LOL Whatever floats your boat soldier. This is my kinda style though. :nadia: Don't watch that. :teeth:

    Just watching that C&S interview, absolute shudder time. You kl anyway bro?
    nice one man, thanks for checking the mix!
    Yup got my ticket, im playing in Shoreditch from 10.15 - 11.00 with Prospekt, but then were guna head down after! hopefully guna get in around 12.30 - 1ish (yn)
    Definately make sure we have to meet up for a beer and a headnodding session bro!
    innit! thats quite the fucking suprise indeed!!! I would have taken 3 of those tunes on single 12"s but to have them all on one EP is just absolute murder. Defo looking like one of the biggest releases this year!
    Bruv, next time you see Andy tell him he cant do that kind of shit man. I nearly had a heart attack when I opened that RAM subscription thread!
    haha I know how you feel! took me time to pull my finger out and get this one done! Let me know when yours is up tho!
    Yeah, went OK apart from the monitor signal kept clipping and distorting and cutting out where it was so hot as everyone had it in the red all night. Even when i brought the levels back it kept crackling and cutting out which is a DJs nightmare - oh and the decks jumped at times. Apart from that - all good. The club is OK but the DJ Booth set up is shit.
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