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    Free mastering.

    His hearts in the right place bless him.
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    Free mastering.

    Clip of the master elmaruk sent my way. Sounding nice a full to me (Y)
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    Free mastering.

    You get my pm? :2thumbs:
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    Free mastering.

    You up for a tryin a dubstep track soon? Got one half done, should take more than a few more days.
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    Remix tempo stuff

    You can also just chop them up a bit. add/remove silence between words.
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    Re: DIRTY BASSLINES EXCHANGE THREAD + HOW2! This is probably old news to everyone else. But god damn is camelphat's distortion perfect for reeses. Eta; also pitch bending reeses is half the sound. That's a puzzle piece that took me a long time to find.
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    Dubstep Some advice please

    Layer a nice fat Saw over it too.
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    couple questions with jump up wobbles in massive

    saw or square wave through massives bandreject filter(everything at 10oclock) gives a nice buzz layer.
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    basspatch time then 2 hours on a 2 beat bass whop fuck yeah
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    One shot stabs in massive

    To be honest I've never though about what those boxes mean but now I read SC is sidechain so you should probably use one of the other two. For growl you should get yourself a nice distortion unit plugin. I personally use Ohmicide.
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    One shot stabs in massive

    You can use a performer lfo with just one whomp at the start. But envelopes are the best way. Summit like this. tbh those examples sound like they're just cut out or retriggered lfo.
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    I'm not a fan myself. Don't like the sound the lfos give. can't put my finger on it.
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    Netsky Bass

    Can get something similar in Massive. Low passed square wave at about 100hz (if usin massive double click the cutoff) with a rly subtle lfo. Bump up the resonance and add subtle dimension expander and chorus. Not used zeta or albino but I'm sure they can do similar. It's all about the...