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  • Easy mate, come over and check out Disfunktional Radio and sign upto our forums, we now have several djs from this site.......


    We still have free slots available too

    How comes you broke up with your boyfriend? Don't think I'm going to any festiovals this year no. Not been doing much, went to Hospitality last week. That's about it! How about you? xx
    The last couple of months for me have gone really tits up... with foot and everything.
    So now im back at home, desperately looking for some kind of accomodation, and also a job would be good too!
    Did you manage to find a pressie?
    Where abouts do you live?
    Oh where was that? No, unfortunatly I had a really quiet one this weekend!
    Yes, i'm really really keeeen for RAM, gutted I missed out how I did last time (broke my foot literally outside the entrance!) Gutted isn't the word!!
    Really looking forward to meeting you :)
    Where did you go this weekend then?
    Hello! I'm ok thanks, how're you? Woah, that sounds like quite an intense job. Are you liking it though? I'm glad you're going too, would be nice to see you again! What else have you been doing? xx
    where are you these days. its quiet today so i figured id drop by with cookies
    yo yo yo!! Brand new mix set up on the forum!!

    The Mutant DJs with MCs Gusto & Rafta!!! recorded live on Force FM 106.5


    Absolutly firing set!!

    it's ok! I thought you were gunna come on here more often?! I'm good thanks, how are you? Work's very good thanks. What new job are you doing? xx
    hello! was good to meet you last weekend, did you have fun? i should think i'll be at the next one, it was really good! :)
    i did bring presents* are you still loving the blockhead mix? wasn't that a great present?
    yo snow!!
    Yeh the next one is 21st Feb at 93 Feet East in Shoreditch! Got the Brookes Brothers coming down! should be a really good night...

    You have to come!! no slacking!! hahaha..

    How you anyway?? Im all good, just been run off my feet with work and having to organise 4 events now.... something tells me ive bitten off more than i can chew.... arrggghhh!! hahaha..
    yeah my new years was great, did something a bit different and went to a burlesque night at proud in camden, got drunken on champagne and dad-danced to rock'n'roll till 5am haha! hope you're well and everything's good!
    come on! ur a london girl! Crepes = trainers

    nice 1, i need an ipod, my best pressie though i bought myself and that was my set of 1210's that i bought the week b4 xmas! i love them!
    well i got both home and away chelsea shirts, so prolly that
    but i did get some sick new crepes. and 2 bottles of hennessy
    its gotta be 1 of them 3! what was urs?

    hmm i mite try it 1day!
    veggie bacon? hows that work!

    gutted u got work again!

    my xmas was good, boring and most of the time drunk!
    went to the boxing day football match, was stood in the freezin cold! got all the prezzies i wanted tho!
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