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    Low:r - IPC MIX .83

    Nice one Ben.
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    Silent Witness Studio Mix 2006

    Cracking mix, anyone got a high quality DL link?
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    Kopparberg Advert 2018 (Shogun Audio)

    If it ain't broke...
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    Anroo did a cry-flounce, never thought I'd see the day. So long, Anroo.
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    UK Garage COTD

    Great thread, theres no doubt this genre has really stood the test of time.
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    What the actual fuck is going on?

    Anyone got any news articles/data on NATO bombings in the middle east 1996-2016 & related civilian deaths? Asking for a friend..
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    Multi Genre HAB - Flirtations (Non-DNB)

    Have a bump, it's a great mix. Please can you do some more.
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    DJ Akro - The Power Hour Mixtape 2016 - 3 Decks

    Heavy as always.
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    Bass Hip Hop Classic Mixes?

    Presumably you've already copped the Jag Skills mix?
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    Electric Loop Festival (Porto, Portugal)

    Very interesting thanks, please keep the thread updated with new artists? Did some quick searching and it appears a flight from stansted + car hire (essential) comes to approximately £350, so very cheap, but a few of our group have reservations of camping, as there will be limited opportunity...
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    EDM / Drum & Bass ?

    Technically yes of course but the reality is highly subjective. For me, EDM is any heavily compressed synth led euphoric music, be it D&B, dubstep, house, drumstep or whatever aimed at the US market (I think that's where the term EDM comes from..) with a commercial purpose in mind, whereas most...
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    Culture Shock - City Lights

    I'm starting to believe Culture Shocks career is some sort of subversive joke being played out on his loyal fans. At least the rest of us can be thankful this record is as instantly forgettable as the rest of his output.
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    TC - Unleash The Wolves

    Saw the fat man play a pre-recorded mix live before, tracks fading in while his hands were in the air. Vile stuff really.