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    Alix Perez - 1985

    Big fan of this EP. Looking forward to getting this one
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    Alix Perez - 1985

    The new EP coming up in November is a banger (can't remember what it's called). Every tune is awesome. The label's called 1985 because Google search for 1984 would just bring up George Orwell ;)
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    Inta National VIP

    Really liking this tune. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP.
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    Sun & Bass Festival Warm Up

    Will try and listen to this but mostly came in to say good luck in the comp and will see you there! If we don't meet before I'll come find you after you've played, when I know what you look like :D
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    Fairhall - A Toast to Sunrise - May 2015 Mix

    Thanks mate. Hope you're good. You got any mixes up recently? Big up Vydx. Hope you like the mix :) Yes Vanden! Glad you like the look of it. Hope it goes down well! Thanks to the listeners as well :)
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    Nice one Teddy. Done :)

    Nice one Teddy. Done :)
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    Fairhall - A Toast to Sunrise - May 2015 Mix

    Hello hello, Here's my latest mix for anyone who might be interested. It was done in the wake of a slew of weekends partying and a particularly good night out and it's a bit of a Back To Mine mix. Any feedback anyone's willing to give would be really appreciated. Hope you like it and let me...
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    Submit your mixes to win. Closing date 31/12/2025

    Hello. Here's my entry for the comp :) Tokyo Prose - 16 Bar Cycles - Samurai Music Technimatic - Music is Music - Shogun Audio Etherwood - Falling Out of Consciousness - Med School Mark System - Twenty Feet High -...
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    Fairhall - 2015 Vinyl Promo Mix

    Nice one Controller. Hope you like it :)
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    Fairhall - 2015 Vinyl Promo Mix

    Big up Dannyboy :D Thanks for the detailed feedback. It's appreciated. True Romance VIP is one of my most favourite tunes ever. I could have kissed dBridge when it came out haha. Bad Ass is always at the ready and I think it actually works in this mix, somehow. I wouldn't have thought it would...
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    Drum & Bass Danwell - Samurai Music Mix Comp

    Yes Danwell. Listening now. Track list is tasty
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    Fairhall - 2015 Vinyl Promo Mix

    Yes Stu. Been a while! Haha. Great minds indeed! A 12" would've been nice but I'm still really happy that it's out on a 10" at all and I don't mind mixing 10" vinyl. Just have to turn the gain up a bit, although having said that the flip (I should the name of it) could maybe have done with being...
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    Fairhall - 2015 Vinyl Promo Mix

    Easy All, Here's my latest mix. It's the first one that I've actually finished and been happy with since Sun and Bass so I hope you like it too. I'm looking to play out more this year so any feedback you have would be really appreciated (although do excuse the slips in there - I know some guys...
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    Mark System - Love Dub

    Liking that a lot. The original is personal favourite. Initial thought was Fracture, Sam Binga or Om Unit for remixers but am probably thinking out of my arse.