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    The 1 to 10 Female Rating - What's Your GF

    10 “The Perfect Ten”, so called because you can’t find anything to improve on her. She is as good as it gets on this earth. When even your cynical friend who is never impressed can’t say “nah, I’ve seen hotter than her”, you are looking at a ten. Tens are very rare in nature, and a regular...
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    How To Pronounce "Million"

    So here's a guy from US who pronounces "million" as Mil-lion, and NOT Mil-yen (as I would pronounce); and "already" as A-ready (dropping the L). Just curious that if you guys ever bumped into native speakers who can't pronounce letter L well.:biggrin:
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    Kinky Girlfriends

    What were the kinkiest things your girlfriend did? :biggrin:
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    Who'd you date?

    Would you date a chick who's intelligent or freak in bed?
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    Chatting up Chinese girls...

    Is she Chinese British? If she's born in UK I would suggest not to speak any Mandarin. It only gets them pissed off.
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    Long Distance Sucks. I Broke Up with MY GF of 4 Years

    Life sucks...
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    Lads, have you been in love?

    Was not sure before but now ya i think so. We had some issues but now have sorted them out. Sucks I'm going to Asia soon and it's probably gonna be a long distance thing.
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    Lads, have you been in love?

    Lads on the forum, have you ever been in love with someone? Are you guys still together?
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    Vending machine selling live crabs in China

    I'll be in China next month and will come to Nanjing. Any suggestions on this one?
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    Best Birthday Present

    My girlfriend's birthday is around the corner and I have been racking my brain all day trying to think of a good birthday present. Anybody in this forum has got suggestions? Btw what's the best birthday present you've ever got or could ever think of?
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    Getting a Tattoo

    I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo. Was thinking about Chinese but it might turn out to be some random things that read Chicken Chow Mein. What's your tattoo if you have any? And do you think it's a good idea to get one? Do you sometimes regret it?
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    Will teach English for food (videos)

    Lol this is hilarious! I'm thinking about going to China for a bit, any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I've been checking out this forum for some time and finally decided to register and introduce myself. My forum name is Sislej as in Sislej Xhafa, one of my favorite artists, but it doesn't matter. I've been listening to DnB for a while, which at the beginning is mostly due to the influences from...