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    The Free mp3 Thread

    Saw this on DnB Arena today so thought I'd share it with everyone it's a free track by Ill Skillz - enjoy!
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    2 New Mixes From Shogun - DnB and Dubstep!!

    Nice one Domi_NIKE! Let me know what you think of the mix once you download! Really appreciate the feedback!
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    2 New Mixes From Shogun - DnB and Dubstep!!

    Cheers mate! Glad you were feeling the Dubstep! Appreciate the feedback!
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    2 New Mixes From Shogun - DnB and Dubstep!!

    Ez all!! I thought I'd post up a couple of mixes I did recently. The first mix is a Drum and Bass set I played at a Starlight DJ competition, I came 2nd out of 16 so was pretty chuffed!! The second is just a little Dubstep mix I did today! Hope you enjoy!! If you do download, please could...
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    Grid Recordings Night Feat Twisted Individual @ Rainbow Courtyard, Birmingham

    Looking forward to this! Looks set to be a BIG night! Myself representing the Dubstep!
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    Radio Available slots on!

    Have sent a message to you're googlemail! Safe!
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    Benny Page & MC Bassman @ Demand Nightclub, cOVENTRY 31/05/08

    Anyone listened to this yet? Well funny at the beginning just as bassman's introduced Benny you can hear a girl say "does it smell like cheesy feet in here?" Funny! I lol'd! Got a few funny looks at work!!
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    Baas - Awaken

    Yeah sounding pretty good, could defo use with a few change ups and a bit more variety in there and personally I think it needs something else at the start to give it a proper build up/drop into the bass.
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    New track from our camp opinions please

    Fucking love this tune Bern!! So glad you finally got a copy up somewhere, its pure belter business!! Ask him if he can send me a copy thru and I'll get playing it on my radio show when I'm back live again!! Will give you a bell later as well for a catch up youth!
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    Can't hear my vinyl ?!

    There was another thread started about this tune by Jay Walker: It seems that vinyl pressing is shite and at a really low volume! So in answer to your question its this particualr vinyl pressing so not a fat lot you can do other than whack your...
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    New Virus Syndicate Video

    Yeha man this is a BIG track!! Virus Syndicate are killing it! Nice one for posting the video up bro!
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    The Lighter (remix) tune ID

    Mate would love to!! Been checking the flyer for a while now but I'm moving house on Friday so don't think I'll be able to reach! Wounded!! Really wanted to check Plastician playing Dubstep on Valve!! What about you? You heading up for it?
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    The Lighter (remix) tune ID

    It's called the DJ Friendly Mix mate.
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    ADR TV Present Nicky Blackmarket - Live Video Stream

    Ez all, Just a heads up about Dirty Freq's this Saturday 18th October. Nicky Blackmarket will be headlining but if you can't make the night in person then log onto for a live Video and Audio feed... So get involved, come down to the night or log on to the...
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    anyone into uk hiphop ???

    Check out: Skinnyman, Rodney P, Roots Manuva, Black Twang, Klashnekoff, Seanie T, Chester P, Farma G, Taskforce, Mud Family, Professor Green, The Nextmen. There's a few I would highly recommend plus those mentioned by Phat Controller. Will add to this when I think of more!