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  • The last time i went they were playing Doctor P - Tetris with the phaser effect left on so i didnt stay. It can be fun i guess, ive got some mates who love it there, just not really my cup of tea.
    Theres not enough demand here for a weekly dnb or dubstep night, my mates started one in chi and it kind of flopped.
    it would be my first time, gotta give it a go, but tbh its sounds better than anything i can find... i know (kinda) tim... and im trying my hardest to get a space to dj there but that aint going to well :/
    I live in JVC, working in JLT, I dont really like the music they play at the bassworx nights that much to be honest so rarely go, you? do you know any of the guys that play? Josh?
    ohhhhh really where abouts, i too have the unfortunately pleasantries of being an expat... u hitting up bassworx tomoz?
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