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  • hi mate. I'll sell it anytime.
    the cheapest on discogs at the mo is £21. Will sell for £18.50
    Shipping (as long as your in the UK) costs £3.15. If you would like it let me know buddy.
    meant members mixes... i should be free this saturday but im defo going to kryptic its gonna be badman... im jordan please to meet you
    you mean this saturday?? im good anyday tbh will always make some time for a bit of dnb... let make a members which for these guys im feeling that! also you hitting up C&S tonight?
    chemical delivery here?! sweet il give u a message once im all sorted on my cds and we can defo have a sesh wud be good to have a jam buddy... maybe afte a bit we try get on one of the internet streamin tings?? im down for that... its a shame i had to leave uk i was doing small time clubs and pirate stations and all that and i fucking loved dont wanna give it up just cos i moved
    tell me about it... my music income to output is not matching :/ but i like the hands on feel you get with cds cos i was vdj before and i much prefer this... i wud invest in turntables but i see the vinyl collection in dubai as rather sparc... im not a bit fan of konichi tbh very original production but not my thing im not of the playaz type... majistrate, original sin, sensa

    check that
    thats sweet bro!! i need to invest in a 4 channel 2 is so limiting... if your up for teaching me vinyl i will be more than grateful :) always wanted to learn been sop fascinated by it... currently just some shitty monitors from m-audio cos my rokits r in uk and 2 cdj850 and djm350... but wen i can i was gonna hit up the djm800 and 2 more cdjs but thats way to much money... for producing im on logic and mac... i bought new cds and a henny cd case last night so as soon as i sort all that our we should defo have a lil b2b and see what we can mash up...
    broseph, just seen those badboys u bought, wondering wat mixer you got... wats ur style of dnb and would you ever be interested in jamming ? also do you produce and again what daw and style - collab??!
    YEAHHHHH bro im there... did u make it to triology for kiss my bass on friday?? was actually a pretty sweet night
    innit, either way tho its about the music, see them in uk, however i was much under the influence so concentrating on the music wasn't hard! if its dry however i shan't be attending :/
    wtf facebook isnt blocked when i click on a link..
    Yeah im not really sure what the laws are, sometimes its dry til 8PM, or dry til sun down or they just have a dry night to be respectful.
    I hope its a good crowd
    lol na didnt make it... was stuck in chameleon with a bunch of girls :/ proper gutted... chase and status in dubai? wattttttt fill me in?
    Lived here since 98 pretty much, I think I went to a Claude Von Stroke night they put on in trilogy, all house nights here are a bit gay unfortunately.
    since about april... quite enjoy won't lie, i hit up audio tonic cos the guy who rans it is a family friend and i was well impress i dig that deep house shit quite alot now, shame about the massive gay vibe i got from there... wat about urself
    il see wat i can do tomoz... its all about money in the end which is a shame but hey... anywayz we should at somepoint try link i work jlt too and currently residing on the palm so just give us a shout
    True, well good luck, you should have a word with Josh Bannister about getting a slot aswell if you get the chance
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